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DB Review

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Description:   DB review is a database schema (structure) navigation tool for Microsoft SQL Server. The program shows table-to-table dependencies as well as between tables and other database objects like procedures, views, triggers or functions in a visual manner. The navigation tool is most suitable for analysts, developers and administrators who need to analyze, describe or just understand large scale database structure with complex relationships and dependencies.
The program shows current table at the center of the main view. The parent tables are located at the top of the view when depended (child) are located at the bottom. The user can select current table by click at the view or table list at the lift side of the window. Property sheet for the selected object is located at the right side of the main window. This sheet contains detailed information about currently selected object: table, column, relationship, view, procedure, etc. Also, it provides access to supplemental forms for table's triggers and indexes. Powerful navigation options allow the user to operate with viewing history.

Key Features:
- Visual and easy view for complex database relationships with three layers: parent, current and child.
- Smart object-to-object navigation by one click.
- Customizable user interface with expanders allows the user to focus on important information only.
- Detailed information for each selected object: table, column, relationship, etc.
- Built-in quick data viewer
- Set of tooltips shows information about object without any clicks.
- Easy to use HTML reports for selected object, whole schema and space usage.
- SQL panel shows Create, Drop and Alter statements for any database object.
- Rich viewers and editors for indexes, check constraints, triggers, user defined data types, descriptions and extended properties.
- SQL console allows to edit and execute object's or user defined SQL statements.
- Supports all modern SQL Server versions: 2000, 2005, 2008.
- Can be executed at Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 2008 with .Net 3.0 or newer.

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